secIT - Heise ´24 Conference session

Figure 1: secIT 2024

Session from the secIT 2024 by Heise

Those were great days at the secIT of Heise in Hanover. All the live demos worked perfectly during my presentation, so thanks again to “Murphy” and the WLAN Admin On-Premises :-)

I have enjoyed the presentation and being part of the secIT by Heise 2024

Please find my slides (German content) here: Session slides

What else …

I took away a lot of information and insights from the content and from other sessions at secIT that I am otherwise not directly confronted with in my everyday life and that really flashed me in the long term. Once again, it became clear to me what threat scenarios exist today and what the important aspects are in this context. Presentations on ransomware attacks in particular were filled with important information, e.g. on what to do if you are affected. A great event!